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Opmeer is located in the middle of the beautiful North Holland polder landscape with cities such as Hoorn, Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard, Medemblik, Amsterdam, Schagen and Enkhuizen nearby. The North Sea coast is also only a few minutes away by car. The recreation park has many facilities.



What we think you should not miss:


flower bulbs

Everything to do with flower bulbs, mosaic days and flower shows (APRIL-MAY, see leaflets and signs along the road.)



Unique in Europe, my preference is Bergen aan Zee and Callantsoog. But you are fastest in Petten or Sint Maarten aan Zee, and it is also nice and quiet there.


Outdoor Museum

Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen. Special experience, with a boat to it and a lot to do for all ages. Open from April 7. Dogs are not allowed.


Daytrip to the Isle Texel

Come and spend a day on Texel and discover the real island life.

Return passenger crossing with TESO ferry, including consumption

15% discount on a rental bike on arrival on Texel (book in advance)

€ 2.50 discount on entrance from Ecomare or Cape Skil

Discount on a cup of coffee with a delicious experience cake at De Lindeboom in Den Burg

The map of Texel and a cycling route

A surprise voucher

And that for only € 9.95.



Children's entertainment



Play farm De Batavier

Large playground with toddler garden, trampoline park and pancake restaurant, miniature golf, rowing, cable car, etc. For children up to 8 years.


Outdoor Park Alkmaar

A unique experience! Outdoor Park Alkmaar offers a diverse range of activities for small and large groups. Under the guidance of expert staff, there is plenty to do on this large site. Discover the possibilities for yourself and experience the outdoor park in your own way.



fairytale wonderland

Fairytale Wonderland, Kooizandweg 9, Enkhuizen, completely the end for small children. With gnome village, large playground, children's farm, etc. I found it surprisingly fun. You and your children are sweet all day long.


Sint MaartenZee

The goldfish theme park

Large playground with various pedal go-kart, swings, slides, toddler playground with large sandbox,

pedal boats, crazy golf, merry-go-rounds, large pirate ship and a children's farm.

Bad weather facilities available. There is also an outdoor pool!



Play and swimming paradise De Holle Bolle boom and De Holle Bolle splash

Play and swimming paradise for children (also fun for babies). Indoor and outdoor games, play swimming is indoors. Open every day from 13:00 to 19:00.







Fish Spa Company

Fish Spa Company Hoorn has opened its doors in the beautiful National Monument at the Grote Noord 3 in Hoorn 0229-74295, 06-28719018

She offers her customers the opportunity to experience a natural skin peeling in a unique way through Garra Rufa fish. The cream of the crop in the field of wellness. The fish suck the dead skin cells and dander from the epidermis, but leave the underlying skin alone.





There are two KNAU walking routes in the municipality of Opmeer and Hoogwoud. The route through Hoogwoud has a length of 3.6 kilometers and starts at the information board in front of sports center De Weyver in Hoogwoud. The route for Opmeer and Spanbroek has a length of 4.5 kilometers and starts at the Opmeer town hall. Both routes are signposted with route signs. The working group has also added two starting points with two small routes: starting point De Lindehof in Hoogwoud and starting point De Schakel in Spanbroek. Leaflets with informative and interesting sights are available at the four starting points.





The North Holland landscape is a surprise to discover by bike. The cycle route networks right through the entire province show you the way. The numbered routes lead you from node to node and offer optimal freedom of choice to compose your own routes. At each junction where routes intersect, you can consult information panels to determine your further route. This makes cycling in this beautiful province a lot easier!


Schoorl, Callantsoog, Sint Maarten aan Zee, Petten and Bergen aan Zee

Beach and nature reserve

The Schoorlse Duinen are located on the border with Bergen aan Zee. It is a unique nature reserve. The Schoorlse Duinen contain the highest and widest dunes in the Netherlands. Less than a hundred years ago it was one large sandbank, today it is a nature reserve with forests, moors, dunes, dune coves and a wide beach. Last year a completely new beach was built for the "Hondsbosche Zeewering". A unique project in the world!



Swimming pools



Swimming pool WaterHoorn

De Waterhoorn is an indoor swimming and recreational pool, consisting of a target group pool, a competition pool – both pools are equipped with a movable bottom and a drowning person detection system (DDS) and a recreational pool of over 480 m². The swimming pool is ideal for instruction swimming, target group swimming, club swimming, therapy swimming and, in addition, the recreational pool has an extremely strong recreational character. The recreational pool has many recreational facilities such as a 72-metre water slide, a river, a wild water creek, a swimming pool, whirlpools, herbal baths, steam cabins, a catering facility and for the summer an outdoor terrace with a toddler and toddler pool. The recreational pool itself is open to the public for 74 hours a week.



Swimming pool de Wiel

Swimming pool De Wiel has a basin, instruction pool, paddling pool, bubble bath and steam cabin. And of course, our pride, the 73.5 meter long slide with a transparent section.

You can also visit our cozy catering industry where you can relax after a sporting effort. Our extensive menu is packed with healthy smoothies, fresh orange juice and fruit. But of course you can also choose something from our chip shop or a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. In addition to the restaurant area, we have set up a space especially for celebrating a fantastic children's party.



De Hoornse Vaart

Six swimming pools, including a unique 50-metre pool suitable for training and competitions, but also for recreational job swimmers, a wave pool, a 25-metre pool, instruction pool, a water playground for the smallest and the nicest outdoor pool on the coast! Swimming pool Hoornse Vaart is really a day out!







Radboud Castle

The 13th century castle houses a collection of objects that illustrate the history of the building and daily life in the Middle Ages. In addition, Radboud Castle also offers space for changing exhibitions. All kinds of activities are organized at the castle. In the winter season there is a flea market and a Christmas concert. During the summer season there are medieval weekends with the living history group the Covenant of Christophorus. And there is much more.


Bakkerij Museum

In the historic center of Medemblik you will find the bakery museum “The old bakery”. You can literally taste the atmosphere of the past in the smell of fresh cake. The bakers demonstrate all facets of the craft, while children can always and continuously practice the old baking techniques. A feast of recognition for the adults, a feast of delicacies for the children!


Steam Engine Museum

The museum is located in the former steam pumping station “Vier Noorder Koggen” on the IJsselmeer. The steam pumping station is almost 150 years old and still works! When you visit the museum, remember that in the Museum all machines can run on steam, but also keep an eye on the agenda: sometimes the steam crane is running and we hoist logs, sometimes the window saw, sometimes the machine of the dredger. Special machines that more than deserve your attention





Westfries Museum 

The Westfries Museum is a museum of the Golden Age, housed in one of the most beautiful monuments in Hoorn, namely the Statencollege built in 1632. Easy to recognize by the richly decorated facade. As imposing as the building is on the outside, it is so intimate inside. You can wander through no fewer than 27 rooms, each with its own atmosphere and theme.

The strength of the museum is the variety. The presentation of the collection is atmospheric and classic. In the exhibitions and activities, the museum always approaches the subjects in a unique and surprising way. This combination of classic and contemporary is the unique signature of the Westfries Museum.


Museum of the 21e century 

The Museum of the Twentieth Century is a true Feast of Recognition. You will discover nice objects from the past, but also learn about poverty, hard and long work and simple living conditions.





Go back in time when cars were special and not everyone drove a car. People were proud of their precious possessions and the Sunday afternoon ride with the family in the car was an experience. Who no longer has memories of this or does not know the beautiful stories of parents or grandparents? Many of these cars can be seen in our car museum. We have a collection of various brands of cars, mopeds, motorcycles and associated decoration materials. Everyone will find something different with us.


Museumfarm and carriagemuseum Vreeburg

Museum Vreeburg is a 17th-century city farm annex carriage museum, completely restored in the old style, in the old center of Schagen. Schagen is located in West Friesland in the north of North Holland. The farm is now a beautiful regional museum, which gives a picture of life around 1900. In a new building at the rear of the farm is the Carriage Museum, where authentic carriages of the West Frisian Folklore Foundation are displayed.



Zuiderzee Museum

The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen brings to life the stories of people who used to live around the Zuiderzee. See, hear, feel, taste and smell daily life around the Zuiderzee, before the Afsluitdijk changed the Zuiderzee into the IJsselmeer in 1932.


Den Helder


Naval museum

The Naval Museum in Den Helder is the place where you can really experience the navy. Meet naval heroes, view weapons and uniforms, learn about the development of technology on board and discover the history of the Rijkswerf. The three museum ships are unique, of which submarine Tonijn is the most eye-catching.


Doris Rijkers National Rescue Museum

Crashing waves, stranded ships and advancing lifeboats. Experience it in the National Rescue Museum Dorus Rijkers.

The Rescue Museum tells the story of the history of the Dutch rescue service at sea.


Fort Kijkduin en Aquarium

The fortress was built in its original form between 1811-1813 by order of Napoleon.

Craftsmen from all over the province of North Holland and hundreds of Spanish prisoners of war worked on the fort during that period.

A North Sea aquarium has been established in Fort Kijkduin in Huisduinen since 1996 and since then it has been open to the public 363 days a year.

Initially, the aquarium was the first in the Netherlands where visitors could walk under water through a twelve meter long tunnel and you can really experience the sea under water. The theme of the aquarium has been completely focused on life in the North Sea since its opening.


Bergen aan Zee

Sea Aquarium Bergen aan Zee

Meet sea dwellers from all over the world! In the Sea Aquarium you can admire no fewer than 44 aquariums. The largest shell collection in the Netherlands can also be found here. The stingray trough is exciting, where you can pet rays yourself! Who dares? Children can also have a nice children's party there. Zee Aquarium in Bergen aan Zee is also suitable for a family day, children's party (from € 9.50 p.p.), school trip and theme party. This activity is suitable for the whole family, children, adults and the elderly.






Westfrisian Thursdays (Every Thursday in Jul-Aug)

From Thursday 29 June 2017, there will again be ten consecutive Thursdays devoted to West Frisian Folklore.

An event that is definitely worth it. Every West Frisian Thursday is characterized by a specific day program.  




Dining out


De Speulderai

Lindegracht 13 - 1716 DD Opmeer

T 0226-352969 - b.g.g. 06-51437119 -

Entertainment and Party restaurant "de Speulderai" in Opmeer has been a household name in West Friesland for years. We are a professional entertainment company and we have a reputation to uphold. Are you looking for a well-maintained afternoon or evening? Then you have come to the right place. From theme party to sporting entertainment, from dinner game to a delicious hot and cold buffet. We offer you the most options.


CHINESE Specialities Restaurant “AH TIM”

Dorpstraat 187 Obdam T: 0226-752250 of 06-41542885

Chinese Specialties Restaurant Ah Tim has been established in Obdam for years (1976) and has built up a very good reputation in its distant surroundings. Ah Tim guarantees very good food and hospitality..


Brasserie Restaurant d'Olifant

Middenweg 55 - 1703 RB Heerhugowaard

072-571 18 18

At Olifant you can enjoy unlimited culinary dishes without a limit, for a fixed amount. Do you like good food and a relaxed atmosphere? Then go for dinner at the elephant! Of course you can also choose from their 'a la carte' menu for delicious specialities.


Specialities & Wok Restaurant Golden Garden   

Grote Beer 4 Hoorn  

T  0229-238634

With them you can enjoy in a very atmospheric way of your dinner. In a very atmospheric ambiance you can enjoy the various options in their restaurant without limits. You can use the Wok and Teppanyaki buffet, all you can eat concept and old-fashioned a la carte dining.



The Historic town of Schagen has many cozy restaurants from Chinese to Greek and from good and cheap to Michelin star.







Kop van noord Holland, Jewelweg 8, Callantsoog, 0224-584040

Nieuwe Niedorp, Dorpstraat 103, 0226-411276

Medemblik, Dam 2, 0227-542852

Alkmaar, Waagplein 2, 072-5114284

Schagen, Loet 10, 0224-298311

Den Helder/Julianadorp, 0223-625544

Texel, Emmalaan 66, Den Burg, 0222-314741